Vegetarian Gado Gado Jakarta Recipe. Gado Gado, it is one of a favorite vegetarian dishes from Indonesia. It is very easy to make.

Ingredients :
  • Vegetable salad
The exact composition of the vegetable salad varies, but usually comprises some mixture of :
  • Shredded or chopped green vegetables such as cabbage, watercress, and bean sprouts, sliced vegetables such young boiled jack fruit, string bean, bitter melon, and cucumber
  • Tofu (bean curd)
  • Tempeh
  • Sliced boiled potatoes
  • Peeled and sliced boiled eggs
  • Boiled corn (Jakarta style)

Directions :

  1. The eggs and potatoes are boiled. Only the cucumber is raw. The rest of the vegetables should be blanched. Some cooks prefer to steam the vegetables.
  2. In addition to the vegetables, several kinds crackers and fried onion are needed. One of the most important ingredient is Limo lime. Without this lime, gado-gado does not have the smell of a real gado-gado, at least for the Jakarta style gado-gado.
Peanut sauce dressing :
  • What distinguishes gado-gado from a plain vegetable salad is the peanut sauce dressing, which is poured on top of the vegetable salad before serving. The composition of this peanut sauce varies as well. One may use a commercial Indonesian peanut sauce or satay sauce, or make the sauce oneself. For making the sauce, the common primary ingredients are : (
  • Ground fried peanuts with most of the oil drained off
  • Coconut sugar/palm sugar (can substitute brown sugar)
  • Chilies (according to taste)
  • Limo lime juice (this is indispensible)
  • Taramind water.

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